We Can Process These Materials In Our Production:

  • Coated and Uncoated Paper

    From 40 gsm to 200 gsm, we can offer a variety of different papers

    For printed materials such as tickets and vouchers we can offer security papers of different types. Books and magazines we print on coated and uncoated stock, mostly form European producers.

  • Carton and SolidBoard

    From 170 gsm to 1000 gsm, we offer carton and board for book covers and packaging

    For covers and packaging we use a huge range of cartons, such as GC, GD, GT and other mixed types of European and Asian origin to offer the best prices and top quality products for all our customers.

  • Corrugated Materials

    Corrugated E, B, C and combinations of these up to 12 mm thick

    Corrugated materials and flutes and corrugating mediums for shipping and external packaging applications. We use those types that are most appropriate for a specific job, such as white, grey or brown surfaces, litho laminated or thermal laminated materials.